Are you preparing for your next trip to Costa del Sol and want to make the most of Málaga’s incredible hiking trails? If so, then this is the perfect article for you, as we will share which trails are truly worth it, which easy hiking routes are in Málaga and all the information you need before starting your journey.

Málaga is synonymous with beaches, summer, espetos, and other similar attractions, often focusing on the province’s coastline. But Málaga is much more: it’s nature, adventure, the discovery of charming villages, and tradition. One of the best ways to discover this region is through Málaga’s hiking routes. Any one of them offers a fantastic plan with plenty to see and do, so keep reading to discover the best hiking trails in Málaga.

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Highlighted hicking trails and views

Exploring the mountains is an incredible pleasure and can be done with varying levels of preparation. However, choosing the right route to match your physical condition, availability, and group characteristics is essential. Here, are some of the best hiking trails in Málaga:

Caminito del Rey

This is one of the most famous hiking routes in the entire country. It’s comprised of a combination of trails and walkways that cross the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, it spans 2.9 kilometres and reaches an altitude of 100 metres at some points, making it less suitable for those who aren’t experienced hikers. However, it is not considered an especially difficult route and offers spectacular views.

Sendero El Saltillo

Also known as the second Caminito del Rey, this trail crosses the El Saltillo bridge, a suspension bridge 54 metres long over the Almanchares River. It includes some metal walkways suspended more than 150 metres high and leads to natural pools with slides and waterfalls, all set in a very beautiful natural environment.


Caminito del Rey

Sendero Acequia del Guadalmina

This is a fairly flat route that starts at the Mirador de las Tres Pérgolas. It offers good views of the canyon, spans approximately 4.6 kilometres, and is not challenging, making it also suitable for children. It is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Málaga.

El Bosque Encantado

If you’re visiting Málaga and want to take a hike with young children, this option is perfect. In addition to being a very pleasant walk, it has other attractions: along the way, you’ll be accompanied by mythical and fantasy creatures such as fairies, elves, gnomes, and more. This is one of the easiest hiking trails in Málaga; to increase the challenge, you can extend the hike with an additional route to Cartajima.

Presa del Limonero

Very close to Málaga, with views of the city, is the Presa del Limonero hiking route, which traverses a colourful suspension bridge crossing the La Concepción forest park. This is an easy route, suitable for families, and offers two alternative paths: a more linear one and a slightly longer circular route.

Sendero por el Río Chillar

The Cahorros route is a trail that requires preparation. The first part is relatively easy, but it becomes more challenging after the first pool. The best part of this route is that it is surrounded by nature, with trees and water throughout the hike, as it follows the Chillar River. The approximate time to complete this trail is around 6 hours, round trip.

Pinares de San Antón

This hiking trail offers a clear view of the Bay of Málaga, a reward for those who reach the top of the path. Reaching the summits of San Antón Mountain is easy, making this a very interesting option for a family outing.


The best times for hiking in Málaga

The weather in Málaga is good almost all year round, so there are usually few climate-related limitations, except in winter. However, the temperature can make a difference, as it gets very hot in the summer, making the hiking trails in Málaga more challenging. We recommend researching the average temperatures and the likelihood of rain in this area before making your decision.

The benefits of hiking for your health and well-being

Hiking is an activity for all ages (depending on the trail) and is highly beneficial for both physical and mental well-being. Here are some of the benefits of hiking:

Improve your circulation

Walking is one of the best activities for humans because it increases the heart rate and improves breathing. It is also a fantastic way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.

It makes you stronger

Walking strengthens muscles and improves bone density, which is very important for combating the effects of ageing.

Helps with weight loss

Hiking in nature makes you burn a significant number of calories, which means it helps with maintaining or losing weight naturally.

It's a natural de-stressor

Nowadays, we all experience stress to some degree. Walking helps release endorphins, which make us feel good, reduce stress, and enhance our overall well-being.

Improves the immune system

Outdoor activities are perfect for strengthening our defences, helping to prevent many illnesses.

Helps you sleep better

Engaging in physical activities has a beneficial effect on the circadian rhythm, helping you sleep better at night and rest more effectively.


Explore Málaga on foot, enjoy, and improve your health.

Málaga is much more than just beaches. Dare to explore the areas inland of the province and enjoy the wonderful landscapes and hidden waterfalls that only you will see while on an adventure. 

We want to help you prepare for a top-notch holiday, so here are some accommodations in Málaga that are perfect for you. Whether you’re coming alone, with your partner, or with a large group, you’ll be able to find the house, apartment, or villa that meets your needs. The hiking trails of Málaga await you.