The Costa del Sol is a dream destination for luxury holidays, where the sun shines year-round, setting the perfect stage for a luxurious getaway. Renowned for its golden shores and exclusive ambiance, this region boasts sophisticated marinas, world-class golf courses, and a vibrant cultural scene that captures the essence of Mediterranean life.

In our article, we will guide you through the charms of the Costa del Sol, showcasing the finest places to unwind and indulge, whether with a partner, family, or friends. You will explore the most prestigious beaches, partake in the most luxurious activities, and receive tips to elevate your visit to a first-class experience. Are you ready to dive into the luxury that the Costa del Sol has to offer? Follow our blog for the inspiration you need for your next lavish escape. Start planning your unforgettable vacation on the Costa del Sol now!

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Top Luxury Destination Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is a tapestry of vibrant destinations, each with its own unique allure and a plethora of activities tailored for every type of traveler seeking luxury.

In the following guide, we’ll introduce you to the key cities for luxury holidays in Costa del Sol, providing a curated look at the finest experiences available, whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or as a couple. Prepare for an exquisite journey where luxury meets leisure, offering everything from exclusive shopping at designer boutiques, dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, to relaxing in premier beach clubs and high-end spas. Join us as we unlock the secrets of the Costa del Sol’s most indulgent and glamorous hotspots.

Offering a slightly more understated luxury, Benalmádena is known for its beautiful marina, award-winning beaches, and the elegant vibe of its exclusive resorts and health spas. The area combines the charm of its traditional Andalusian heritage with the comforts of modern luxury, from golf courses to high-end restaurants. Benalmádena also boasts attractions such as the Castillo de Colomares, a fairy-tale like castle, and the Benalmádena Butterfly Park, adding unique experiences to its luxurious offerings.

Mijas Costa offers a refined take on luxury with its serene stretches of sand and upscale amenities. Quieter than its glamorous neighbors yet equally prestigious, this area is known for its elegant beach clubs and lush golf courses that appeal to a discerning clientele. Culinary experiences here blend traditional Spanish ingredients with modern flair, creating unforgettable dining by the sea. Additionally, Mijas Costa is just a short drive from Mijas Pueblo, where streets and shops offer a glimpse into authentic Andalusian culture.


Marbella stands as the crown jewel of luxury on the Costa del Sol. Known for its glamorous lifestyle, Marbella offers upscale shopping at designer boutiques, fine dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, and exclusive clubs that attract an international elite. The town’s opulence is perhaps best exemplified by the Puerto Banús marina, a prime spot where luxury yachts dock and the world’s affluent gather to socialize and revel in the lavish Mediterranean lifestyle.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Marbella’s Old Town (Casco Antiguo) provides a charming contrast. Here, narrow cobblestone streets and quaint Andalusian architecture paint a picturesque scene steeped in history. This part of town offers a more subdued yet equally enriching experience, where visitors can explore ancient churches, browse local boutiques, and enjoy traditional Spanish cafes that offer a taste of local life amid the backdrop of luxurious modernity.

Luxury Holiday Apartments Costa del Sol

Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of the sea and basking in the glorious, warm sunlight of Spain’s Costa del Sol. Our exclusive selection of premier apartments on the Costa del Sol offers a luxurious escape where elegance blends seamlessly with the coastal allure. Each apartment stands as a bastion of style and comfort, nestled in the most idyllic settings along this storied coastline. Whether you’re planning a romantic retreat, a delightful family holiday, or a memorable celebration with friends, our top-tier apartments are the ideal backdrop for creating unforgettable memories.

Open your balcony doors to a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean, relax in sumptuously appointed living spaces, and enjoy a luxury holidays in Costa del Sol. 

Higueron Signature Suite - Benalmádena

Higuerón South Beach apartment epitomizes contemporary luxury with its breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and coastline. This three-bedroom residence is designed with elegance and sophistication, featuring stylish, modern interiors and expansive windows that enhance the natural lighting. Residents can enjoy exclusive amenities such as a swimming pool, beach shuttle service, and a private two-car garage. This apartment offers a perfect blend of tranquility and luxury, ensuring a memorable stay with every detail curated for comfort and style.

Riviera Del Mar Sea Sights - Mijas Costa

This 70 m² apartment features stunning views, chic interiors, and top amenities like a communal pool, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning. Conveniently located close to local beaches and shops, it also provides easy access to notable cities like Fuengirola and Marbella. The apartment is ideal for those seeking a stylish, tranquil retreat with the convenience of city proximity, making it perfect for both relaxation and exploration.

Higueron Blue Skyline View - Fuengirola

This 90 m² apartment features stunning waterfront views and chic interiors, and is conveniently located 500 m from Playa de Carvajal beach and close to local amenities like restaurants and supermarkets. It boasts a spacious 48 m² terrace, balcony, communal and children’s swimming pools, and covered parking. Located in a charming residential neighborhood, this Fuengirola apartment is perfect for those seeking a stylish and comfortable retreat with easy access to the beach and city center. Ideal for both relaxation and exploration along the vibrant Costa del Sol.

Beach Club Costa del Sol - a must-have during your holidays

The Costa del Sol is home to some of the world’s best beach clubs, offering everything from luxurious pampering to day-long parties. Here are a few of the most popular:

  1. Ocean Club – Marbella: Located in Puerto Banús, this luxurious beach club is known for its lively atmosphere with DJ sets, champagne parties, and a chic ambiance. It’s perfect for those looking to party in style. The average entry fee is €175, and reservations are essential to ensure you get a spot.

  2. Nikki Beach – Marbella: Famous for its glamorous parties, international DJs, and stunning beachfront location, Nikki Beach offers a high-end experience with a pool and exclusive beach access. The average entry fee is €30. 

  3. La Sala by the Sea – Marbella: This Thai-style beach club provides a relaxed vibe with a jacuzzi, spa, pool, and excellent dining options. It’s great for a laid-back day with luxury amenities. The average entry fee is €55. 

  4. Trocadero – Benalmádena: This modern beach club features three sea-facing terraces, Mediterranean cuisine with an international twist, signature cocktails, and live music, offering a complete culinary and entertainment experience. The average entry fee is €20. Make sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment, as it’s a favorite among visitors and locals alike. 
  5. Max Beach – Mijas Costa: Situated in Mijas Costa, Max Beach offers a boho-style setting with luxurious sun beds, a restaurant serving meals throughout the day, and a relaxed atmosphere complemented by DJ entertainment. It’s perfect for dining and enjoying the beach in a serene environment. The average entry fee is €25. 

By booking in advance, you can secure the best spots and services at these top beach clubs during your luxury holidays in Costa del Sol, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience without the stress of last-minute arrangements.

Costa del Sol Luxury Boutique - enjoy shopping during your holidays

puerto banus-min

Puerto Banús, located near Marbella on the Costa del Sol, is a premier luxury shopping destination for your luxury holidays in Costa del Sol. Renowned for its array of high-end boutiques and designer stores this exclusive marina is a hotspot for fashion enthusiasts and luxury seekers, offering a glamorous shopping experience along the picturesque harbor.

Among the top designer boutiques, you can find Louis Vuitton, known for its iconic bags and fashion accessories, and Gucci, offering a range of high-end fashion items including clothing, handbags, and accessories. Dolce & Gabbana is famous for its bold prints and stylish collections, while Jimmy Choo is renowned for its luxury footwear and accessories. Christian Dior provides a variety of high-fashion clothing, bags, and accessories, making it a must-visit for luxury shoppers.

In addition to these, other notable high-end shops include Michael Kors, celebrated for its elegant handbags and fashion accessories, and Salvatore Ferragamo, which offers luxury shoes, bags, and clothing. MaxMara features sophisticated women’s fashion, while Hermès is famous for its quality leather goods, scarves, and fashion accessories. For exquisite jewelry and watches, Bulgari stands out as a top choice.

A Luxury Day on the Costa del Sol

luxury holidays costa del sol party

Imagine waking up in your luxurious apartment on the Costa del Sol, greeted by the warm rays of the Mediterranean sun streaming through your windows.

  • After a leisurely breakfast on your terrace, you decide to spend the morning at a nearby beach club or on the pristine playa, experiencing the epitome of Costa del Sol luxury holidays. You relax on a sunbed, sip on refreshing cocktails, and take occasional dips in the crystal-clear waters, basking in the serene atmosphere.
  • As the afternoon approaches, you head to the vibrant shopping district of Puerto Banús. Strolling along the marina, you browse through the high-end boutiques, indulging in some retail therapy. The allure of high fashion, exquisite accessories, and the latest trends captivates your senses as you explore the various designer stores, truly living the experience of luxury holiday rentals Costa del Sol.
  • In the late afternoon, you decide to enjoy a round of golf at one of the renowned golf courses in the area. The beautifully manicured greens and fairways, set against the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean, offer a perfect blend of relaxation and challenge for golf enthusiasts. This adds an element of sport and leisure to your luxury holiday apartments Costa del Sol experience.
  • As the day winds down, you return to your apartment to freshen up before heading out for an exquisite gourmet dinner. You choose from one of the many fine dining options available in the area, perhaps a beachfront restaurant offering delectable Mediterranean cuisine. The combination of sumptuous food, elegant ambiance, and stunning views of the coast provides the perfect end to a perfect day on the Costa del Sol.

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