Twilight in Málaga, with a magical sunset, good company, and the sense of tranquillity that only holidays can offer, is one of life’s most precious experiences. Málaga has it all: fantastic beaches, world-renowned cuisine, leisure options for everyone, and many things to discover. Its towns are charming, the mountains are perfect for hiking or adventure sports, and the sea is ever-present.

In this article, we will discover the best places to watch the sunset in Málaga, what experiences you can enjoy to make the most of this magical moment, and other tips to make your holiday in Málaga even more special. Keep reading and take notes for your next getaway to the Costa del Sol.

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The best places to see the sunset in Málaga

The search for the best places to watch the sunset in Málaga is ongoing, with new options constantly emerging: from restaurants, bars, viewpoints, etc. Here are some suggestions of places to watch the sunset in Málaga that guarantee a wonderful experience:

Baños del Carmen


Watching the sunset on the beach is a classic, and at this beach – one of the most famous in Málaga – there is a spectacular beach bar where you can grab a bite to eat, enjoy a cold drink, or simply relish a quiet moment as the sun goes down.

Muelle Uno


This modern port area is one of the best places to watch the sunset in Málaga, with its sea views, proximity to the city centre, and plenty of leisure options such as restaurants, bars, and shops nearby. It is, without a doubt, one of the best spots to enjoy the sunset in Málaga.

Monte de San Antón

Monte de San Antón​

Climbing Mount San Antón provides a great hiking route (though you can also drive up) and allows you to experience the natural beauty that Málaga has to offer, along with some of the best city views. The sunset from this point is spectacular, we promise!

Jardín botánico de La Concepción

Jardín botánico de La Concepción​ amanecer

This garden is a lovely space, with spectacular plants and trees, in a tranquil and relaxing setting. Watching the sunset here is very romantic, and the views are incredible. Additionally, it is an area of historical interest with many opportunities to take a photo for your Instagram.

Unique experiences at sunset

One of the best experiences is one of the spots we suggested above – any of those options is guaranteed to be great. However, if you prefer some alternatives, here are other options to consider for watching the sunset in Málaga:

Take a boat ride

Can you imagine boarding a boat and sailing away from the coast and seeing the sunset from a different perspective? This is a fantastic plan and you can do it in Málaga, in the best company and with a drink in hand. Choose a catamaran or a sailboat, and after the sunset, head to the city port to dine at one of the many quality restaurants in the area.

Climb to the top of Gibralfaro Castle

This activity is highly recommended, as it allows you to see Málaga from a different viewpoint, from above! The views at sunset are magical, so it’s best to visit at this time of day. At the interpretation centre, which you should visit, you will find a model of the city of Málaga and the complex formed by the Alcazaba and the castle. There is also an interesting exhibition of military material and uniforms. It costs €3.50 to access the castle but it’s free on Sunday afternoons.

Go on a hike

Málaga offers many hiking routes, with various levels of difficulty and diverse landscapes. Some of these routes are even more beautiful at sunset, and as the temperatures drop around this time, it’s the perfect moment for a small adventure in nature. Some of the best routes include the Caminito del Rey, the trail through the San Antón pine forests, and the Enchanted Forest.

Fly over Málaga

If you want to do something different and unforgettable at sunset, we suggest an extreme sporting activity: paragliding or paramotoring over the city. You’ll have the best views, there won’t be any crowds, and it will be an experience to remember for the rest of your life. It’s a great way to step out of your comfort zone and feel new emotions.

Rent a kayak

If you want to enjoy the sea without the hustle and bustle of the beach, many companies offer kayak rentals. This way, you can paddle away from the coast, watch the sunset in complete tranquillity, and get some exercise at the same time.

Hiking trails in Málaga

Come and enjoy Málagas’s sunsets!

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