The Costa del Sol is becoming a favorite destination for digital nomads in Spain, offering a year-round sunny climate and an enviable quality of life. Known for its golden beaches and vibrant atmosphere, this region perfectly combines work and pleasure, providing the ideal setting for those seeking a balance between their professional career and personal enjoyment.

In our article, we will show you why the Costa del Sol is the perfect place for digital nomads. You will discover the best cities to settle in, practical tips to optimize your experience and the advantages of choosing this destination to work remotely in Spain. We will also explore the most inspiring coworking spaces and activities that foster creativity and wellness.

Ready to embark on a new professional adventure on the Costa del Sol?

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The essential steps to be a digital nomad on the Costa del Sol in Spain

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  • Evaluate your Skills and Work. Before starting your adventure as a digital nomad in Spain, it is crucial to evaluate whether your current work can be done remotely. If not, consider acquiring skills that are in demand in the digital arena, such as programming, graphic design, digital marketing, or content writing.
  • Save and Plan Financially. Plan a budget that includes accommodation, food, health insurance in Spain, and other daily expenses. Research the cost of living in destinations that interest you.
  • Acquiring the Necessary Equipment. Investing in reliable equipment is critical. You’ll need a powerful laptop, a good smartphone, and accessories like noise-canceling headphones and external hard drives to support your work. Also consider a sturdy backpack or suitcase to carry your gear in Spain.
  • Choose your Destination. Research the best destinations for digital nomads Costa del Sol in Spain. Factors to consider include the cost of living, the quality of the internet, the digital nomad community, and the infrastructure for remote work (coworking spaces, cafes with Wi-Fi, etc.). The Costa del Sol is an excellent example with multiple cities offering all this.
  • Resolve Legal Issues. Investigate visa and work permit requirements at your chosen destination. Some countries offer specific visas for digital nomads. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation and are aware of local laws regarding tenure and remote work.
  • Organize your accommodation. Before arriving, organize your accommodation in Spain. Look for accommodation on Costa del Sol that offers a suitable working environment with good internet connection and a comfortable space.
  • Buy Travel and Health Insurance. It is essential to have insurance that covers medical emergencies, accidents and other unforeseen events. There are specific digital nomad insurances that offer broader coverage, including protection for your electronic equipment.
  • Connect with the Local Community. Participate in local events and social activities to meet other digital and local nomads around Spain. It uses platforms like Meetup, Facebook groups and specific applications for digital nomads to make contacts and build a support network.

Why choose in Spain the Costa del Sol

The best weather

The Costa del Sol enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year, allowing you to work outdoors in an inspiring setting. Imagine sending emails from a beachside cafe or having a video call with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop. The warm climate promotes an outdoor lifestyle throughout the year in Spain.

Connectivity and technology

Despite its relaxed atmosphere, the Costa del Sol has a modern infrastructure. There is widespread access to high-speed internet, which is essential to stay connected with your customers and colleagues worldwide. In addition, the region has numerous coworking spaces and technology centres that promote collaboration and innovation.

Gastronomy and Wine

The gastronomy of the Costa del Sol is a harmonious fusion of Mediterranean flavors and Andalusian traditions. You can enjoy dishes such as paella, fresh seafood and delicious tapas in the local restaurants. The wine culture in the region is a hidden treasure, with numerous wineries and vineyards offering visits and tastings to taste the diversity of Spanish wines.

Cost of living

Compared to other popular destinations for remote work, the Costa del Sol offers a relatively low cost of living without compromising quality. This allows remote workers in Spain to enjoy a high standard of living, with access to excellent health services, education and leisure facilities, all while managing a friendly Mediterranean budget.

Cultural and recreational activities

When you finish working, the Costa del Sol offers a wide range of cultural and recreational activities. From the historic streets of Malaga to the luxurious marinas of Marbella, there’s always something to explore. In addition, the region hosts a lot of events and festivals or golf course that will allow you to disconnect from work.

Community of Digital Nomads in Spain

One of the most attractive aspects of choosing the Costa del Sol is the vibrant community of digital nomads. This group of like-minded individuals creates a support network for newcomers and offers numerous opportunities for networking and socialization, facilitating integration and a sense of belonging.

The best destinations for digital nomads on the Costa del Sol


Marbella is known for its luxury and elegance. Marbella has several high-end coworking spaces and world-class restaurants, an attractive place for digital nomads looking for a sophisticated environment in Spain.


This city is known for its beaches, theme parks and nightlife. Benalmadena has several modern coworking spaces and an active community of digital expats and nomads.


This city offers a combination of beautiful beaches and an affordable cost of living in Spain. Fuengirola also has several coworking spaces and is known for its welcoming expat community.

Mijas Costa

This area offers a wealth of coworking spaces, outdoor activities and a vibrant international community. Its strategic location in Spain between Malaga and Marbella makes it a convenient and attractive place to live and work.

Malaga - Costa del Sol

Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol, is an ideal entry point for digital nomads. With its blend of history, culture and modernity, it offers an excellent infrastructure for working and living. Malaga has numerous coworking spaces, cafes with good Wi-Fi and a vibrant nightlife. In addition, its international airport facilitates frequent travel.

Each of these cities offers something unique for digital nomads, from the luxury of Marbella to the traditional charm of Estepona. The Costa del Sol, with its diversity and quality of life, is an ideal destination for those looking to combine work and pleasure in an enviable environment in Spain. In addition to the cities mentioned, you can also consider Estepona and Torremolinos for your next adventure as a digital nomad.

Digital Nomad Visa Spain - Guide to applying

nomadas digitales en la costa del sol españa


Citizen outside the EU, valid passport.
Remote work contract with non-Spanish company or self-employment with foreign customers.
Proof of income (minimum 2,000 euros/month).
Work experience of at least 1 year or recent graduate.
Private health insurance with coverage in Spain.
Criminal record.
Professional qualification tests.


Download and complete the form from the Spanish consulate or embassy.
Make the payment of the corresponding fee and save the receipt.
Pay the Application Fee.

The process may take several weeks. The initial visa is valid for 1 year, with the possibility of renewal.

Program and attend the appointment

Contact the consulate or embassy for an appointment.
Take all the documents and attend the interview at the embassy.

Registration in Spain

Within 30 days of arrival, register with the local immigration office to obtain your residence card (TIE).

Evidenced by the data

Since 2020, the Costa del Sol has seen an impressive boom in the arrival of digital nomads. In recent years, the demand for housing for these professionals has risen by 40%, especially in elegant areas such as Benahavis, Estepona and Marbella. Luxury villas and apartments are flying! Most of these digital nomads are Generation Z and Millennials, and about 70% move in with their partners. Why the Costa del Sol?Why Spain? Well, who wouldn’t want to live near the sea with a sunny climate most of the year? It’s a real paradise. These remote workers come from all over the world. Many are British, Swedish, Belgian, Dutch and Russian. Malaga, in particular, has earned the hearts of many expatriates thanks to its high quality of life and vibrant international community.

In addition, the region has invested heavily in infrastructure for digital nomads. There are plenty of coworking spaces and internet connectivity has improved a lot. Malaga has become a technology center thanks to initiatives such as the Málaga TechPark and several business incubators that support startups and remote workers.

So, if you are looking for a place with good weather, a welcoming community and all the facilities to work remotely, the Costa del Sol is waiting for you with open arms.