If you’re looking for information on the weather on the Costa del Sol, you probably know that this region has a Mediterranean climate. And that means that you can enjoy a warm, dry summer, whereas in winter the temperatures are mild, without the intense cold of areas further inland.

There’s no doubt that this part of the country is the perfect place to spend the summer, thanks to the climate and its incredible beaches, but, as we will see below, any season of the year is good for visiting the Costa del Sol! We reveal the best options for each season.

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What is the climate like on the Costa del Sol?

The climate on the Costa del Sol is ideal for a summer holiday, but you can also visit this region at any time of the year. The summers are short and hot, while the winters are long and cool, with moderate temperatures that allow you to enjoy the region. 

Weather on the Costa del Sol by season

Any time is a good time for visiting the Costa del Sol! All you need to do is search for the right options for you and your loved ones, whether you’re travelling with your family, your partner or a group of friends. There are endless places and activities for every taste, and while almost all of these can be done throughout the year, there are others that are best enjoyed at certain times. 

Take a look at this information on the Costa del Sol by season:

Clima en costa del sol

What to do on the Costa del Sol in spring?

The Mediterranean climate on the Costa del Sol ensures moderate, pleasant temperatures in spring. Minimum daily temperatures range between 5ºC and 19ºC, while maximum daily temperatures range between 15ºC and 30ºC. These temperatures are ideal for:

Walking the coastal path

This path is almost 200 km long and runs along the Malaga coastline, a dream for those who love coastal walks as you can take in the sea and the fresh air, with strategic stops in 14 towns in the province, including Casares, Marbella, Mijas, Fuengirola, Torremolinos and Nerja. 

Road Trip along the Costa del Sol

With your own car or a hired vehicle, traveling between towns on the Costa del Sol (both inland and those by the beach) is a fantastic way of discovering this Andalusian region at your own pace and with whatever company you want. 


The Costa del Sol is a fantastic golf destination, with over 70 courses on which to practise this outdoor sport. You’ll find the perfect conditions and people who have come from all over the world to enjoy the so-called “Golf Coast”.

The Enchanted Forest of Parauta

The Enchanted Forest of Parauta offers a journey through nature, perfect for the whole family. Best of all are the fantastic sculptures dotted all along the trail, representing elves, gnomes and fairies.


What to do on the Costa del Sol in summer?

This is the favourite time of year for most visitors to the Costa del Sol, as you can make the most of the beaches, the long hours of hot sun and the famous beach bars, with lots of music and plenty of fun. Maximum daily temperatures rise and range between 23ºC and 36ºC, while minimum daily temperatures range between 14ºC and 24ºC. This time of year offers more options:

Benalmádena cable car

If you are looking for one of the best views of the Costa del Sol, you simply have to visit the Benalmádena cable car, which even gives you a glimpse of the African coastline and the Atlas mountains!

Colomares Castle

This original construction is a great option to explore with the whole family and a place to take lots of Instagram-worthy photos.

Watch dolphins

Watching dolphins playing in freedom is one of the most memorable experiences you can have, and in this area it’s entirely possible, with boats that head out daily!


There are many beaches on the Costa del Sol (with over 160 km of coastline), but here are some of our recommendations: Caleta de Maro, Cabopino, Carvajal Beach y El Faro Beach


What to do on the Costa del Sol in autumn?

Autumn brings spectacular scenery on the Costa del Sol, and temperatures are slightly more pleasant: minimum temperatures range between 6ºC and 23ºC, while maximum temperatures vary from 15ºC to 33ºC. In this season, there are some events on the Costa del Sol that are very worth visiting:

Picasso Museum

You can’t miss the Picasso Museum during your visit to the Costa del Sol, especially if you come at a time when the beach isn’t as enticing.

Costa del Sol International Fantasy-Film Week

For those who love fantasy and horror films, this is an unmissable event that combines recent releases and internationally-renowned guests.

Malaga International Jazz Festival

Internationally renowned musicians help liven up the atmosphere in Malaga, participating in one of the best jazz festivals in the country, taking place in autumn.


What to do on the Costa del Sol in winter?

Even in winter, the temperatures on the Costa del Sol are relatively pleasant, so there’s no excuse not to visit! Minimum temperatures don’t go below 4ºC or above 13ºC, whereas maximum temperatures in winter range between 13ºC and 22ºC. Here are some of our recommendations for this time of the year on the Costa del Sol:

La Pileta Cave

This cave is 150,000 years old and is home to some cave paintings. It is the perfect option for winter when outdoor activities are not an option.

Snow Wells

Snow wells, known as pozos de nieve, were used to deposit snow in winter to then be able to transport it in summer, at night, to preserve food. Nowadays, they are a fascinating construction, and visiting this region will allow you to see snow in Andalusia.


Carnivals take place in several towns and cities in the province of Malaga, and what better way could there be to discover the culture, cuisine and customs of this region? The Malaga, Nerja and Alozaina carnivals are very good options.


Visit the Costa del Sol at any time of the year!

Good weather, unparalleled culinary experiences, charming villages and stunning scenery. These are some of the things that the Costa del Sol offers throughout the year, making this area one of the best options for holidaying in Spain. And, if you’re still unsure, you can check the weather in the Costa del Sol live from here.

We also know that one of the main concerns for travellers is accommodation, and so we have a suggestion for you: apartments, houses and villas, and much more, in the province of Malaga, allowing you to enjoy all that this region has to offer, in absolute peace of mind and with every comfort.