Are you also looking for beautiful villages in Málaga? This province has much to offer: the Mediterranean, with its calm and warm waters; varied, unique, and high-quality cuisine; lush green forests hiding stunning landscapes; and an atmosphere that can be both relaxed and vibrant. In this region, you will find some of the most beautiful villages in Málaga and in Spain, and in this article, we will share a few of them.

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Discover the charms of Málaga's villages

Below, you will find the most beautiful villages in Málaga that you must visit when you come to the Costa del Sol. Get in the car and prepare your road trip through these towns in the province of Málaga.


Let’s start with a village that has it all. Benalmádena is a place where you can find everything you are looking for on your holiday: tranquillity, fantastic beaches, many leisure options, and plans for all types of travellers. Its Marina, for example, is an iconic spot for water sports enthusiasts.

For beach lovers, there are many types of beaches available: some are wide and calm for children to play, while others are hidden coves perfect for the more adventurous.

In Benalmádena, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in Málaga, you will find a variety of theme parks, which means fun for the whole family – with the summer heat, few things are more appealing than a refreshing dip in the cool water! If you prefer a more cultural visit, Benalmádena also has options for you. In the region, you can find the intriguing Colomares Castle and Spain’s only pre-Columbian art museum. To end the day, enjoy the bohemian atmosphere and the lively nightlife of this incredible town.

castillo colomares benalmadena


This town is a mountain village, located in the Sierra de Almijara, and it might be one of the most beautiful in the entire region. Frigiliana has so many picturesque spots that you won’t mind getting lost in while you marvel at its beauty. Additionally, one of the most beautiful villages in Málaga couldn’t go without having sea views. In this case, they are even more spectacular because you are surrounded by nature.

To fully appreciate its beauty and charm, you should head to the Moorish quarter, where most of the points of interest are located: its viewpoints, the Palace of the Counts of Frigiliana, the Church of San Antonio de Padua, the Reales Pósitos, and also the fountains of Frigiliana. Its white houses and mosaic streets provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable moments.


Mijas: sea and mountain

Mijas is one of the most beautiful villages in Málaga and one of the best-known on the Costa del Sol, and there are many reasons for this. Nestled at the foot of the Sierra de Mijas, its white houses reflect the Andalusian sun and create a postcard-worthy landscape. Just a short distance from the village, you’ll find twelve kilometres of incredible beaches.

With an old town of Arab origin, the charm of Mijas is evident from the moment you approach the village and only increases the longer you spend there.

When visiting Mijas, it is important to know that there are two areas with this name: Mijas Pueblo and Mijas Costa. The village features a bullring, a beautiful hermitage, and a fortress, in addition to its enchanting streets. You have probably heard of the “Mijas donkeys,” as this animal plays a very important role in this beautiful village in Málaga. There are even donkey taxis, perfect for a ride. On the other hand, Mijas Costa is a beach area with residential developments and holiday accommodations, making it a good option for exploring the region.



Ronda is a village perched atop a mountain. This is a rather simplistic way to describe one of the most beautiful villages in Málaga, as it evokes magical images in our minds, but the best part is that those images are real. With its Puente Nuevo spanning the Tajo Gorge, and its impressive viewpoints, walls, and palaces, Ronda is a city you must not miss on your next trip to Andalucía. It is truly one of the most beautiful villages in Málaga.



About 7 kilometres from the coast, Benahavís is another one of the most beautiful villages in Málaga and offers all the tranquillity you could want on the Costa del Sol. Here you can enjoy some of the best restaurants and some of the finest golf courses in the region, in an area that boasts around 70 golf courses. Another main attraction of Benahavís is its nature, perfect for enjoying on its trails, by bike, or simply for a walk with sea views.



In Antequera, there is a perfect blend of nature and history, making this village one of the must-see options in Málaga. For example, the Dolmens Site is located in Antequera. This impressive landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so don’t miss it. The Monumental Complex of the Alcazaba, of Roman origin, is another highlight in Antequera. You have likely heard of the Caminito del Rey, a path that traverses the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes and offers unique views.

As you can see, there is much to visit in Antequera, one of the most beautiful villages in Málaga.


Explore the hidden charms of Málaga's beautiful villages

Málaga is an incredible province, full of charming villages, fantastic beaches, and everything you could desire for your holidays. In this article, we have talked about some of the most beautiful villages in Málaga, but there are many more that we couldn’t include. Our suggestion is to book your holiday now and try to explore as much as this region has to offer.

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